How will my child's behaviour be supported?

During the first three years of life young children experience a considerable amount of change as they develop and experience new places and people. These changes can occasionally impact on aspects of their behaviour resulting in emotional outbursts and conflict with others. This can be worrying for parents but this behaviour is usually a natural part of your child’s development and forms part of their learning complex communication, socialisation and problem solving skills. 

Early years settings can provide a safe and supportive environment for your child to develop, practice and master these.

In early years settings each child is allocated a dedicated Key Person who will get to know the family and your child’s own individual needs and capabilities. That means that your child is always given the right balance of guidance and support which suit their own individual needs.

If we are concerned about your child’s development and/or behaviour or you raise a concern with us then the key person will discuss this with you so that a consistent approach can be agreed and applied at home and in the setting. If your child continues to struggle we may recommend additional external support such as speech and language therapy but we will always discuss this with you first.