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We work with a range of early years commercial companies, sector, local and central government partners and not-for-profit businesses every year. This helps us provide the best services for children and their families.

Key partners

EduCare and the Alliance established a special partnership in 2012 and aimed to provide free, CPD-recognised, online training to Alliance members AND their teams. Since the partnership’s launch, approximately 70,000 people have successfully completed programmes, saving thousands on their training budgets annually.

British Nutrition Foundation

Infant and Toddler Forum


These initiatives help us provide free, nutritional advice for Alliance members to enable them to better support parents and children using their services. The Infant and Toddler Forum support Alliance settings to participate in the Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers programme while our partnership with Danone continues to expand.

Protecting your interests

We always carefully select partner organisations or companies which best protect and promote the interests of our members and the families they support. We also choose partners that support or reflect our values and ethics to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and risk to reputation. 

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