Pre-school Learning Alliance insurance has been supporting early years providers for over 50 years.

Our expertise allows us to offer our members insurance packages that have been customised to meet their needs.

Choosing to be insured by the Alliance gives you the peace of mind to operate successfully in the knowledge that your children, staff and equipment are protected.

We work in partnership with Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) to provide a suite of insurance packages.

The cover is constantly reviewed by our team and updated by RSA to ensure that we offer the widest protection at competitive rates.

What's more, we offer monthly Direct Debit to spread the cost.

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Why do you need insurance?

In even the best run childcare provision, accidents can happen and problems can arise. Childcare providers of all kinds need insurance to protect them if a child is hurt, an individual makes a claim for injury against them or if property or equipment is damaged.

You need insurance to protect your setting if the following happens:

  • A member of staff or volunteer makes a claim for injury
  • A child is hurt
  • Your property is damaged
  • You are a victim of theft 
  • Property belonging to another person is damaged

Who do we cover?

The most important types of cover are standard for all of our insurance and then each category has been designed to meet your groups’s needs. There are optional add ons within each category too. Click on the links to see what cover is provided. 

Why choose us?

The insurance we provide has been carefully selected to meet the needs of those in the early years sector. Choosing one of our tailored policies gives you access to:

  • Expert advice
  • Low excesses on all claims
  • Discounts for accredited groups
  • Discounts for multiple premises
  • Claims handling expertise
  • Optional extensions to cover

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Please note: As of 01/10/2016, insurance premiums increased due to the Government's Insurance Premium Tax increase from 9.5% to 10% and as of 1 June 2017 the rate will increase to 12%.