Sessional pre-school insurance

Mother and baby at stay and playThis type of cover is suitable for pre-school groups that run sessions where unaccompanied children do not normally stay for more than four consecutive hours, and any child under two is accompanied by an adult.

You have a choice of two covers depending on how many weekly sessions you provide.

Each cover provides:

  • Employer's liability £10 million
  • Group equipment £5,000 *
  • Public liability £5 million **
  • Personal accident £20,000
  • Group money £750
  • Personal possessions £300
  • Personal money £150
  • Loss of revenue £100,000 ***
  • Legal expenses £100,000

Optional extensions include:

  • Fidelity insurance
  • Professional indemnity
  • Management protection 
  • Extended computer insurance

* you can choose to increase this if you need to - to cover the value of your equipment

** you can choose to increase this to £10 million if you need to

*** you can choose to increase this if you need to - to cover the annual income of your group

Our service includes: 

  • Expert advice
  • Instant cover
  • Low excesses on all claims
  • Discounts for accredited groups
  • Discounts for multiple premises
  • Optional extensions to cover

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