How will my child be cared for?

Alliance members and other childcare providers are registered with the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). This helps us to improve and deliver the best possible care for your child.

We follow a set of approved standards and guidance to do this. Ofsted visits us to inspect the service and gives a report afterwards. You can find out more about your childcare provider's latest inspection on the Ofsted website

Alliance member settings aim to provide the highest quality care and learning for children. This may involve working with other agencies to seek extra support for your children.

To ensure consistency of quality and practice, Alliance settings follow similar policies and procedures. We make this guidance available to parents at all times. You should ask your childcare provider or child’s key person more about this and feel free to discuss anything you are unsure about or do not understand.

Alliance member settings aim to provide safe and caring spaces where babies and young children under five years old can learn and grow by:

  • Understanding and recognising that every child is different. A child’s view of the world, their interests and abilities are special to them and their families. We respect the many different forms of family life and encourage every parent to share their home experiences with us and other parents too
  • Celebrating differences and encouraging children to play and grow together. We listen to, respect, value and protect all children in our settings and spaces. We do not accept any form of discrimination. We welcome children and families from every social, cultural and religious background. We will develop a close relationship with your child to help build their confidence and self-esteem. Children have the right to be treated equally.
  • Giving individual and focused support. When your child joins an Alliance setting, your family receives support from an experienced member of staff responsible for your child’s individual needs. This ‘key person’ builds a special relationship with your child and family. It helps your child enjoy a happy experience in the setting. Your child’s key person also monitors and keeps confidential records of their progress and achievements.
  • Ensuring all staff (if at a setting) are happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis and you feel comfortable discussing any concerns with them too.