Girl blowing bubblesWelcome to Strong Close Day Nursery

Strong Close Day Nursery is a Pre-school Learning Alliance childcare service in West Yorkshire, Keighley. 

We offer 55 Ofsted-registered places and are assessed as 'Good' by Ofsted.

Our committed, friendly and well-qualified nursery team provides high quality care and learning opportunities for children aged between 0 - 5 years. 

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a focus on learning through play and actively encourage parents to become involved in the life of the nursery. 

Opening times

We are open from 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year, excluding bank holidays and three staff training days. 

We offer 

  • Funded childcare for qualifying two year olds and all three and four year olds
  • Safe, friendly and fun place for you and your child
  • Learning through indoor and outdoor play activities
  • A well-qualified, kind and caring team
  • A dedicated person to give focused support to your child

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To visit during our opening hours please contact Sharon Magee, nursery manager on 01535 669833 or by email on

About us

Little girl eating an appleStrong Close offers a stimulating approach to early years development and learning for very young children.

Within a safe, friendly and fun environment, children are supported by qualified, caring staff in developing a wide range of skills and interests.

The children enjoy learning through play experiences in bright indoor and outdoor play areas with exciting outings planned regularly. 

Our nursery plans its activities in accordance with the EYFS with a strong focus on exploratory, imaginative play and healthy eating.

We recognise and understand the huge benefits that free flow play has on the positive development of very young children. 

Every child in our care is supported by a key person who understands their individual needs and offers special care and support to them. 

Rigorous health & safety and safeguarding policies and procedures are in place to ensure that every child is protected and feels safe and happy with us. 

We are managed by the Pre-school Learning Alliance which has over 50 years experience delivering childcare and professional support to early years practitioners.

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To visit during our opening hours please contact Sharon Magee, nursery manager on 01535 669833 or by email on


Our Team

Boy in play tunnelOur well qualified, committed and experienced team works hard to create a caring and learning environment in the nursery. We know every child develops differently and at different times. Every child has a key person who understands their needs and interests. This helps us ensure every child feels involved, stimulated and happy in our care.

We follow rigorous staff recruitment and supervision procedures to ensure anyone joining our team undertakes relevant security checks including Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure, references and qualification checks.

Parents are reassured knowing child protection and safeguarding underpins every aspect of our practice.

Your child's 'key person'

Every child who joins the nursery receives support from an experienced member of the team. They are responsible for your child’s individual needs and known as the ‘key person’. The key person is your main point of contact however all nursery staff are happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis or discuss any concerns with you. They will also keep records of your child’s progress and achievement, which are always available for you to see and contribute towards.

Your child’s key person will make time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements.

Please share any important or useful information when you register your child and throughout their time with us. 

This helps us to give your child the most appropriate care and learning to suit them. You can access and contribute your views to your child's progress and achievements in their records.

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To visit during our opening hours please contact Sharon Magee, nursery manager on 01535 669833 or by email on


Children rolling out doughDo you offer funded entitlement for 3 year olds?

We work in partnership with Strong Close Nursery who offer free entitlement for 3 year olds. Strong Close Day Nursery provides wrap around and holiday care for children. 

Do you offer funded entitlement for 2 year olds?

We do offer free entitlement for 2 year olds as well as childcare places. If your child is two years old, your child may be eligible to attend the two year old funded childcare programme. The funding is available for 15 hours per week. Please ask us.

What sessions do you offer?

We offer childcare places for babies, toddlers within Strong Close Day Nursery and wrap around childcare for children aged 3 - 5 in partnership with Strong Close Nursery. Session times vary according to the availabiltiy of places. Please ask us for more information

Do you provide hot meals?

We have our own cook and provide hot meals, as well as healthy snacks and drinks.

Are you able to accommodate children with different dietary requirements?

We accomodate children with a wide range of dietary requirements and offer both a meat-based and  a vegetarian menu. We will work with you to find out how best to meet your child's individual dietary requirements.

What qualifications do your staff have?

The setting manager, Sharon Magee has a BA in Early Years and has Early Years Professional Status. Two staff members have a Level 4 Childcare qualification and most of the staff have a Level 3 Childcare Qualification.

How many staff will be looking after my child? 

The staffing is managed in line with the EYFS Welfare Requirements.  In the baby room the ratio is 1 staff member for every 3 children, for children aged 2 -3 there is one staff member for every 4 children and for 3 - 5 year olds there is one staff member for every 8 children. 

How quickly can my child start?

The availability of places changes all the time. Please contact us for further information.

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To visit during our opening hours please contact Sharon Magee, nursery manager on 01535 669833 or by email on





Contact Us

Boy in ball pitSharon Magee, Nursery Manager

Strong Close Day Nursery,

Airedale Road 


West Yorkshire

BD21 4LW

T: 01535 669833



Pre-School Learning Alliance
Strong Close Day Nursery
Airedale Road
West Yorkshire
BD21 4LW
United Kingdom
Tel: 01535 669833

From our last Ofsted inspection:

"Babies and toddlers explore their environment with interest, learning how things work as they investigate different types of sensory media and materials."

"Children in the pre-school room show great creativity and excitement as they negotiate ideas while building intricate constructions in the sand with small bricks."

"Children develop strong bonds and attachments with their key person as a result of effective settling-in arrangements."