Welcome to the My EYA portal

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As part of the Alliance’s commitment to our members, customers and supporters we have introduced a portal for anyone interested in our services. 

To ensure you continue to receive access to a range of high-quality support from us, you are invited to register on the portal.

The portal replaces previous Alliance web accounts and once registered, you will need to login to the My EYA portal here.

Once you've registered for free, the My EYA portal will be the place where you'll come to:

  • buy and renew Alliance membership
  • browse and buy from our online Shop
  • book onto events and workshops
  • access the Members' Area if you are an Alliance member
  • manage and update your communications preferences.

Below is some key information to help you get started.

Signing up for the My EYA portal - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to the My EYA portal?

Alliance members require a unique registration link to sign up to the My EYA portal, so that you can access details in relation to your membership, for instance, your renewal date and overview of your insurance policy, if applicable.

This will have been emailed to the primary contact. On signing up for Alliance membership you would have provided a name and email address for our primary point of contact.  For early years settings, this tends to be the manager or owner, who then also manages your registration with EduCare. If you have not received this email, please contact info@eyalliance.org.uk.

Once registered on the portal as the primary contact, you will be able to see details of your membership, and insurance, if applicable, and gain access to all areas of the My EYA portal.

Any lapsed members or customers of the Alliance Shop can also receive a unique registration link by contacting info@eyalliance.org.uk.

If you are not currently a member of the Alliance, you can still use the My EYA portal. Simply register at portal.eyalliance.org.uk.

How do I sign my team up to the My EYA portal?

As a primary contact, once you’ve signed up to the My EYA portal on behalf of a organisation, your employees, volunteers and management team can register themselves, using a unique/personal email address at portal.eyalliance.org.uk.  

They will then be able to link themselves to your organisation, (see My linked Organisation below), and where linked to a member organisation, will receive benefits of membership, such as discounts on publications and events. 

It may be that their details are already held by the Alliance, if so, an error message may appear if they use an email address already on record. If this happens, simply contact info@eyalliance.org.uk to finalise the registration.

What will I find in the portal?

Once you're in the My EYA portal, you'll find the following screens in the right-hand menu.

Members' area

An abundance of FREE resources for Alliance members can be found here, including mini guides on areas such as the Early Years Foundation Stage, Business management and Governance. Members can also access Under 5 magazine online, and view insurance policy holder updates.


Click here at any point to return to the home page.

My personal details

This page allows you to check and adjust your personal details.

Members can also use this facility to check their mailing address, for important communications such as Under 5 magazine, by changing their home address and selecting it as the preferred mailing address.

Please note, if you need to change your name, you will need to contact info@eyalliance.org.uk

My linked organisation

If you are the primary contact for an organisation, it will be listed under Your active links, with your role, enabling you to access details on your membership subscription with the Alliance.

For other team members, please click Add a link, and search for the setting that you work or volunteer at.  A request for approval will then be sent to the primary contact for the organisation.  Once the primary contact has approved the request, you will receive access to benefits such as the members’ area and discounts on publications and events/workshops.

My memberships

Individuals who hold membership with the Alliance will have their membership status shown here.  In addition, individuals who are linked to an organisation, will be shown as an employee member.

My event bookings

Details of any events or workshops you’ve booked will be shown here.

My communications preferences

You can update your communication preferences at any time to let us know how you would like the Alliance to contact you. Only with your consent will we contact you via your chosen methods to provide you with carefully selected communications, for example, early years campaign updates and Shop updates.

My purchases and publications

Any purchases you’ve made with the Alliance via the Shop will be listed here, alongside the downloads associated with publications.  For items purchased before September 2020, any associated downloads may not yet be shown.  For any missing items, please contact shop@eyalliance.org.uk.

My invoices

View details of any paid or outstanding invoices you have with the Alliance here.

My organisation (This menu will not be visible to non-primary contacts of organisations or people with 'Individual' memberships)

My organisation details

For early years settings, childminding professionals and baby and toddler groups, schools and corporate organisations, this page will allow you to view the name of your primary contact, email address and the premises address of your provision/organisation.

As these details may be linked to an active insurance policy, you will be unable to amend these details online. However, you can contact membership@eyalliance.org.uk with any changes, or insurance@eyalliance.org.uk if you need to change the insured premises address.

Manage child organisation

If your provision runs at more than one setting, you can add their details here.  This will enable you to sign them up for membership, for just £40 per annum, enabling you to access 30 additional places on EduCare as well as insurance and other benefits.

My organisation invoices

Here you will be able to see a record of all invoices paid for your membership and, if applicable, insurance with the Alliance.  You will also be able to view and make payment of outstanding invoices.

My organisation contacts

Links approval 

The organisation is listed here.

Pending links

The name of each employee, volunteer or owner/director/trustee of the organisation will be listed here if they have made a request to link themselves to your organisation.  As primary contact, you will be able to either approve or reject their request.

Active links

If approved, the names of your employees, volunteers or owners/directors/trustees will be moved to the Active Links list, where if you wish you could Deactivate or Add Role, as Setting Manager, Employee, Nursery Manager, Finance Manager, Supervisor/Pre-school Leader or EduCare. 

Inactive links

Anyone who has tried to link themselves to the organisation but has been rejected by the primary contact will be shown here.

My membership and insurance

My Membership 

The start and renewal date for your membership will be shown.  

My insurance

The start date and cover level will be shown for any active insurance policy. You will also be able to download your Employers Liability Certificate.

Child organisation insurance

If you run an early years provision at more than one site, similar details to the above will be shown here.

Insurance claims

Click the appropriate button to raise an employers’ liability claim; personal accident claim; property damage claim or public liability claim; or to make a complaint.

Get insurance quote (Not visible to individuals or non-primary contacts of organisations)

You can generate an insurance quote yourself, based on the type of provision you run, by checking and adjusting the details of your organisation and the cover you require. 

For current policy holders, you could use this page to generate a quote for a new policy and/or a buildings policy. 

Become a member

As a primary contact of an organisation, you are able to sign up for an individual membership for yourself, or an organisational membership for your organisation.

For organisations, the page also offers the opportunity to generate an insurance quote, if you wish, by selecting a cover level. 

More information on the various cover levels can be found here in our brochure


Browse and purchase from the Alliance’s extensive range of publications and resources, including popular titles such as, Emotion Coaching in the Early Years and Recruiting Early Years Staff, as well as consultations, including Preparing for your Ofsted Inspection Consultancy.  For online-only publications, you will receive access to the contents immediately upon payment.  Members receive up to 30% off all titles.

Events / Workshops

Here you can view a list of all upcoming events, which are all available to Alliance members at a discounted rate or free. For non-primary contacts of the organisation, you will need to ensure that you have successfully linked your account to a member organisation to access the member pricing. 

Under 5 trial

Non-Alliance members can sign up to receive one trial copy of the Alliance's membership magazine Under 5 via post.

Alliance members are able to view Under 5 online, including the past ten copies, in the Members' area.

Contact us

Use the form to select the category of your enquiry, whether it’s a question, request or problem, and then details of your enquiry which we will respond to.

Using the My EYA portal - FAQs

Where can I find my publication downloads? 

Click on My purchases and publications tab in the menu on the right hand side.

Where can I find my insurance certificate?

Click My organisation and then My membership and insurance

(The My memberships tab only relates to individual memberships)

Where will I find Alliance template governing documents, such as the constitution? 

They are in the Members’ Area under Governance and then Charities

How do I change my contact details?

For added security, any change of contact details need to be emailed to membership@eyalliance.org.uk

How do I access my EduCare training?

Our EduCare programmes are delivered directly by EduCare, therefore, you will need to log in separately to their site - Log into your EduCare account here.

What is the purpose of 'My Linked Organisation'

It is important that your team members register as individuals on the portal but are then linked to your organisation - this is so they can benefit from any discounts and benefits you receive as part of your Alliance membership.

If you are the primary contact for an organisation, it will be listed under Your active links, with your role, enabling you to access details on your membership subscription with the Alliance.

Other team members should click Add a link, and search for the setting that they work or volunteer at.  A request for approval will then be sent to the primary contact for the organisation.  Once the primary contact has approved the request, the staff member will receive access to benefits such as the members’ area and discounts on publications and events/workshops.

Why when getting an insurance quote is it forcing me to become a member?

Insurance is only available to members of the Alliance. While you don’t have to pay for membership before getting your quote, you do need to purchase it in the process.

Why can’t I receive an insurance quote?

This may be for a number of reasons, however, please check that you have added the details of your organisation and that you are selecting either baby & toddler, early years or childminder membership. If you have any problems getting a quote please call us on 0207 697 2585.

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