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Disabled children have notably lower access to play, Sense reports

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Nine out of ten parents of disabled children say that their child does not have the same access to play as non-disabled children, according to national deafblind charity, Sense.

The survey revealed the severe restrictions disabled children...Read more

NSPCC and government launch child abuse whistleblowing helpline

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The NSPCC has joined forces with the home office to launch a whistleblowing helpline for employees to speak out about child protection failures.

The government has provided £500,000 to set up the service, which will be open Monday to...Read more

Early language skills define future learning

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Five-year-olds with substandard language skills are significantly more likely to struggle with national tests later on, the BBC reports, citing recent research from Save the Children.

Academics at the Institute of Education studied the...Read more

Drastic drop in childminders across England

New figures from the Labour party have shown a significant drop in the number of childminders across England over the last five years, The Guardian has reported.

Labour said that the number has plummeted by 10,000 since 2011, putting...Read more

Teaching unions call for baseline assessment to be scrapped in new report

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Two leading teaching unions have called on the government to abandon the reception baseline assessment, after a survey of more than 1000 teaching professionals revealed mass oppositions to the plans.

A survey of reception teachers and EYFS...Read more