Welcome to Acorn Grove Nursery.

Acorn Grove nursery is a Pre-school Learning Alliance childcare service. The Alliance, a registered educational charity, provides flexible, affordable and quality childcare across England. Our nursery is located in Cheetham Hill, Manchester and we have 65 registered places.

Our committed, friendly and well-qualified nursery team provides high quality care and learning opportunities for children aged between two and five years old. There is also some availability for older children up to eight years old in the school holidays.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a focus on learning through play and actively encourage parents to become involved in the life of the nursery. We are open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, excluding bank holidays and three staff training days, usually one per term.

We offer:

  • Funded childcare for qualifying two year olds and all three and four year olds
  • 30 hours funding for working parents
  • Opportunities to add sessions to your funded sessions for a small fee
  • Safe, friendly and fun place for you and your child
  • Fun, learning through play indoor and outdoor activities
  • A well-qualified, kind and caring team
  • A dedicated person to give focused support to your child
  • Annual parents afternoon and evening events to discuss your child's development with your child's key person
  • A team lead by a Qualified Early Years Teacher who supports staff with planning for the development in all children.

Interested? You can visit during our opening hours or please contact Erin Molloy, nursery manager on 0161 740 5687 or by email on erin.molloy@pre-school.org.uk to discuss further.

About us

Acorn Grove Nursery offers a stimulating approach to early years development and learning for very young children. Within a safe, friendly and fun environment, children are supported by qualified, caring staff in developing a wide range of skills and interests. The children enjoy learning through play experiences in bright indoor and outdoor play areas with exciting outings planned regularly. We are managed by the Alliance, the largest voluntary sector provider of childcare in England with over 50 years experience delivering childcare and practical, professional support to early years practitioners.

Our nursery plans its activities in accordance with the EYFS with a strong focus on exploratory, imaginative play and healthy eating. We recognise and understand the huge benefits that free flow play has on the positive development of very young children. Every child in our care is supported by a key person who understands;their individual needs and offers special care and support to them. Rigorous health and safety and safeguarding policies and procedures are in place to ensure that every child is protected and feels safe and happy with us.

Our Team

Our well qualified, committed and experienced team work hard to create a caring and learning environment in the nursery.

We know that every child develops differently and at different times. To help us give the children in our care individual focus and attention, every child has a key person who best understands how to meet their individual needs and interests. The team establish a culture of "in the moment" planning which is a modern approach to planning children's development. This helps us to ensure that every child feels involved, stimulated and happy in our care.

We follow rigorous staff recruitment, selection and supervision procedures to ensure that anyone joining our team undertake relevant security checks including Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure, references and qualification checks. Parents are reassured knowing that child protection and safeguarding underpins every aspect of our practice and continues to remain a priority for us.

Your child's 'key person'

Every child who joins the nursery receives support from an experienced nursery team member or a new member with extensive previous childcare support. They are responsible for your child’s individual needs and known as a ‘key person’. Your child’s key person will make time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements.The key person is your main point of contact however all nursery staff are happy to feedback about your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis. You may also wish to speak with other team members about specific aspects of your child's care and learning. We are happy for you to do this too.

Our records

The nursery also keeps a record of your child’s progress and achievement. This is always available for you to see and contribute towards. The nursery is now working towards transferring all development records across to online journals.  Please share any important or useful information when you register your child and throughout their time with us.This helps us to give your child the most appropriate care and learning to suit their developmental, emotional and physical needs.You can access and contribute your views to your child's progress and achievements in their records.

Our nursery team

Our team at Acorn Grove nursery includes;

  • Erin Molloy, Nursery Manager, Level 6 Graduate, Early Years Teacher Qualification
  • Saara Nadeem, Deputy Nursery Manager, Level 3, currently studying for Foundation Degree Nursery Worker
  • Zoya Rizvi -  Nursery Assistant Level 3, currently studying for Foundation Degree
  • Kulwinder Kaur - Nursery Assistant Level 3
  • Sabah Ishtiaq - Nursery Assistant Level 2
  • Lia Clarke - Nursery Assistant Level 2
  • Aqeela Bilal - Flexible Nursery Worker Level 1
  • Maxine Bailey - currently studying for Level 1


What makes Acorn Grove so special?

We believe that parents are most important educator in the child's life and encourage to become involved in the life of nursery. We also believe that children learn best through play and it promotes their long-term development. We are committed to ensuring every child is treated equally and fairly and always welcome feedback about how to improve our service.

Our curriculum takes in to account every child's abilities, interests and needs. Through the EYFS, we focus on developing the following areas of learning and development with children in our nursery:

  • Personal and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

All parents who register with us are provided with information about the EYFS explaining how it benefits each child's learning and development.

How does the setting make sure children are learning and ready for school?

We start with the child and focus on what theya re itnerseted in and love doing. By observing them at play we can assess their development needs and plan activities that build on what chidlren can already do , whilst challenging them to take the next steps int heir learning. This term we are focusing on the story book "Whatever Next" and will be planning a whole ragne of activites around this sotry to help youchidlren learn while they play?


What happens when my child first starts at Acorn Grove Nursery? 

We will plan a settling in period for you and your chidl and while you are visiting, we will be getting to know your child by talking to you, your child and observing your child at play. We will be asking you to help us fill in the "All About Me" section of your child's learning journey which will help us to undertand you, your family and your child. This means we can get off to a good start in helping your child play and learn at Acorn Grove. Your child we be assigned a Key Person who will have regualry chats with you to share information about what your child has done during the day, and to find all about your child otuside nursery.

How do I apply for a place at Acorn Grove nursery?

We always welcome enquiries from parents about available nursery places at our nursery. We would encourage you to visit our nursery and meet us, other parents and children to get sense of the experience and see how the children enjoy our free flow environment. Please feel free to ask lots of questions then or, if you prefer, contact us by phone or email. We can explain the process for applying for a place.er being put on awaiting list or registering your child immediately for an available place. You will be asked to complete an application form if a place/s are available. 

What happens if I need to put my name on the waiting list?

If you would like to your child or children to join the nursery, we may need to add to a waiting list. Once a place becomes available, we will contact you to arrange either a visit for the first time or re-visit to the nursery. At this time, we will discuss which documents or paperwork you need to bring along to register your child properly. We always recommend that you have a look around the nursery before agreeing to take the place being offered.

How easy will it be for my child to settle in?

Our nursery has a well established and successful settling in process in place. We can never tell how long it is going to take every individual child to settle into the nursery. We will ask you to stay with your child to start with and to leave them for short periods. Parents play an important role in settling their child into the nursery. Together, we will assess your child and plan the best settling-in period to give them the best start in nursery.

What kind of daily routine will my child enjoy?

We develop activity plans for the children which promote their learning and development in the EYFS. The routine will always include opportunities for outdoor and indoor play with plenty of activiites led by adults and the children.

Do you take the children on outings?

We do occasionally take small groups of children on daily outings, these are well planned and fully risk assessed. Outings are always linked to the children's interests. In every case, we ask for parent permission in advance. Every parent is asked to sign special consent forms. No child will be taken off the premises without a parent's consent and a thorough risk assessment of the activity or outing always takes place.

Do you offer additional activities?

We offer additional activites throughout the year to stimulate and encourage the children's learning and development. For example, coaches from Manchester City Football Club support us to encourage healthier lifestyles and exercise which allows us to keep costs to minimum when planning special activities with the club.

My child has special educational needs, how will you support their development in your nursery?

Our experienced team understands how to meet all of your child's needs. All children are encouraged to explore and play with each other. Appropriate activities are planned for all and if your child has different needs or requires more specialist support, we will work with you to ensure as far as possible these are met. If this requires one to one support for your child, the team are able to provide this.

Are you able to accommodate children with different dietary requirements?

We are able to meet the dietary needs of all children attending the setting and are happy to talk through your child's needs at your intial visit.

How do I find Acorn Grove nursery?

We are very accessible, close to Cheetham Hill Road and Manchester Fort, heading towards Bury from Manchester City Centre. We are also close to Abraham Moss Metro stations and bus stops.

Contact Us

Erin Molloy, Nursery Manager

Acorn Grove Nursery,

Woodville Children Centre, 

Shirley Road

Cheetham Hill, Manchester

M8 0NE

T:  0161 7405687

E: erin.molloy@pre-school.org.uk


Woodville Children's Centre
Shirley Road
Cheetham Hill
M8 0NE
United Kingdom
Tel: 0161 7405687

At our last Parent Meeting parents said " What a fantasic Nursery. I cannot thank the Nursery enoough. My little boy has autism and is non verbal and leaving a child somewhere when they cannot speak is not an easy task but I have no problems or worries leaing him here. The staff go above and beyond to help my child.

" We are happy with the setting and feel that the staff are lovely and supportive. My son has come on so  much since attending here"