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Children's Centres


Bellingham Children’s Centre, Torridon Children’s Centre, Ladywell Children’s Centre, Manor House Children’s Centre deliver a wide range of children’s centre services, including our DISCOVERY BUS!

Children’s Centres provide a warm welcome for you and your family from pre-birth through to primary school, with some services for older children in the family too.

We have a firm focus on outdoor learning, so you will find that many of our sessions encourage exploration of the outdoors from the very earliest months in your child’s life. We provide wet weather clothing and footwear so we are ready for all seasons.

We believe that children learn best by playing, exploration, discovery and conversation and all our sessions promote active learning through play.

Nearly all the services and group sessions in the centres are free unless it specifically mentions a charge. You are very welcome to just turn up at any session, unless pre-booking is required. Details can be found on our website (see below).

It is also important that you are supported too as mothers, fathers and carers - we offer 1:1 support in your home or in the community as well as parenting courses and other forms of help and information about other services you might benefit from.

If you feel nervous or unsure about accessing any of our centres or services for the first time, call us and we will arrange for someone to meet you. We can provide a friendly worker to talk to if you are feeling low or having a problem you need help with.

If you want to make a referral for 1:1 family support, please email CHRISTINE FISHER our Family Support Manager on Lewisham.Secure@pre-school.org.uk

For a copy of our current Children’s Centre timetable, and more details about the wide range of activities and services on offer for families, please click here.

Lewisham Children’s Centres cover the whole of the borough and are split into numbered areas.

Area 1: Evelyn, New Cross, Telegraph Hill & Brockley

Area 2: Lewisham Central, Blackheath, Lee Green, Ladywell, Crofton Park & Rushey Green

Area 3: Downham, Grove Park, Catford South & Whitefoot

Area 4: Forest Hill, Sydenham, Perry Vale & Bellingham

The Pre-School Learning Alliance run services in:

Area 2: Ladywell Children’s Centre 

              Manor House Children’s Centre

Area 3: Camelot Family Learning Centre 

              Torridon Children’s Centre     

             Toy Library & Resource Centre

Area 4: Bellingham Children’s Centre  

Visit www.lewisham.gov.uk/childrenscentres for details of other centres and providers in the borough.

Please contact LOSCINIA SMARTH our Children’s Centre Manager loscinia.smarth@pre-school.org.uk