Cost of delivery calculator

Girl writes on pad to represent cost of delivering childcare

Calculate the cost of delivering childcare using this cost of delivery calculator from the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

Early in 2018, the Department for Education (DfE) was calling for information on provider delivery costs to help gain a better understanding of the cost of delivering childcare, and how this compares to early years funding rates.

To help settings to provide this information, the DfE created a cost template for providers. However, we at the Alliance raised strong concerns that this template was not sufficiently detailed and will lead to the submission of inaccurate and inconsistent data through no fault of providers.

For that reason, we developed our own updated cost template and calculator for those providers who wished to submit their cost information to the DfE. Although the deadline for submissions to the DfE have now passed, providers can still use our 'Calculating Childcare Costs' Word document to calculate their total costs and total hours delivered, and then enter this information into the 'Cost of delivery calculator' spreadsheet, which will then use this information to estimate hourly delivery costs.

Calculating your hourly cost of delivery

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