Case studies


Over the last ten years a successful Parent and Toddler group has been held in a deprived area of Liverpool. Over twenty families use the service each week. The group provide a safe and welcoming place for families to meet with their young children and use services such as a clothes exchange and toy library.

Since the recession the volunteers noticed that an increasing numbers of families have been using the service, therefore, an extra session will be opened in the autumn. To accommodate the growing numbers of parents using the service the group are applying for a small grant to extend their toy library resources. 



In September George will start attending an early years setting in his local village. George has Downs Syndrome and has difficulty with verbal expression but confidently uses Makaton (sign language).

Unfortunately none of the staff in the setting use Makaton or British Sign Language so George will have no means of effective communication unless he has someone to use sign language with. The group will apply for the grant to train their team in Makaton. 



St Josephs early years setting is located in one of the ten% most deprived areas of England.  Up to a third of the families attending the setting live in poverty and have used food banks. With nearly all the families experiencing issues relating to socio-economic hardship.

The setting tries hard to make the play environment one in which families are supported and their children can have fun and flourish. One of the aspects which all of these families lack is the ability to get their children out of the city and into the countryside or seaside. The setting will apply for a grant to help them take all their families out for the day.