What is the Muddy Puddle Teacher approach?


In a nutshell, it is an outdoor learning approach that uses natural materials to teach from EYFS to KS2, writes Sarah SeamanRead more

The benefits of outdoor play in the early years


Now more than ever, we must recognise the importance of outdoor play when it comes to the impact it has on early years development.Read more

6 ways to reduce plastic in early years settings


Reducing our consumption is one the most impactful ways we can help our planet. And there’s no more important category of waste to reduce than single-use plastic.Read more

Why music is a magical way to boost the mental wellbeing of your children and staff



You may think that music provision is the last priority on your list given everything that’s going on at the moment. But now more than ever, regular music practice in early years can help you deal with the current challenges as a result of the pandemic.

 Read more

What is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children's mental health?


The coronavirus pandemic and all that it brought with it in the form of national lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing, has caused upheaval in the lives of children across the world. So what are the effects it has had and how long will the impact last?Read more

Ten things to consider when planning an outdoor play area



This is a sponsored guest blog from our friends at Kompan Schools, sharing their top tips when planning a new or updated outside...Read more

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