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What does “Freedom Day” mean for early years settings?


A legal guide to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in early years settingsRead more

National Week of Play: The importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s learning  

We must make sure that parents recognise the huge impact they can have on their children’s outcomes and attainment...Read more

National Week of Play: The role of the adult in learning through play

In this post Charlotte Whalley explores what roles an adult may take on as they support children to learn through play Read more

National Week of Play: Playing outdoors and in the local environment 

Although not having a garden might add additional challenges around getting outdoors, we can all become experts at thinking outside the box and create opportunities for the children we care for to explore their immediate environments.Read more

National Week of Play: Harnessing the Therapeutic Value of Play

Sometimes, it can be harder to distinguish the benefits of play to children's mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence, than on social and physical development — but they are there and we should be aware of them.   Read more