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Sowing the seed of sustainability in early years


When you mention the word sustainability to an early years professsional often their first thoughts are financial – budgets, cash flow, forecasts! However in terms of children's education and learning, sustainability refers to our relationship with our environment and how we can meet our needs today without compromising the needs of future generations.Read more

Exploring schemas


As educators we support and value the unique child in our settings, but do we really understand what their play is telling us? Read more

How do we ensure that we really include every child?


In a world that changes so fast how do we ensure those children that think and react differently to expected norms, are supported and guided through this noisy, ever-changing and, at times, inconsiderate society?Read more

6 ways to reduce plastic in early years settings


Reducing our consumption is one the most impactful ways we can help our planet. And there’s no more important category of waste to reduce than single-use plastic.Read more

Using fogging to prevent the spread of infection in early years settings


Fogging can sanitise an entire room or open space, and when adequately ventilated, treated rooms can then be occupied again within 15-30 minutes...Read more