A new approach to professional development

SMARTpd puts you in charge

SMARTpd offers bespoke high quality training and professional development packages from the Alliance. We create a cost-effective, bespoke early years professional development package specifically tailored to best meet your needs - for individuals and group settings.

Getting you started

It's easy! Simply complete this short questionnaire to highlight your, or your team's professional development and training needs. Your feedback forms the basis of your FREE professional development consultation with an experienced, qualified Alliance training advisor. The advisor draws their specialist advice and support from a range of areas including existing CPD-recognised early years training programmes and leading quality improvement schemes to accessible, FREE Alliance information and comprehensive, competively priced publications.

Once you complete the questionnaire, your consultant will make contact to arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements. Eve Smith, Alliance training administration manager explains more:

“As you know, there's so much professional development training and support available now that it's often hard for practitioners to identify what they could really benefit from and how best to spend their budgets. The Alliance's SMARTpd offers an innovative, new approach to professional development. We listen and work closely with you to shape a programme that really meets your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.”

2 simple steps to SMARTpd:

  • Complete your short questionnaire here 

  • Register your interest at, or contact the SMARTpd team on 01732 363 070 where an experienced, qualified Alliance training advisor will make contact with you to arrange a suitable time for your FREE professional development consultation.


If you would like any further information about SMARTpd please contact: