How is my child protected?

We aim to protect all children in our care from abuse and harm and make every effort to ensure children are safe and secure in our settings by:

  • Undertaking security checks with every team member or volunteer before we employ including criminal record disclosures, references and qualification checks
  • Once someone joins us, they also need to successfully complete a six-month probationary period
  • Ensuring our childcare teams are well supervised and no unauthorised person has access to children
  • Employing experienced teams who understand how to meet a child’s emotional needs and work hard to ensure that every child in the setting feels involved and happy
  • Encouraging children to explore and play together and develop activities to meet the needs of all children individually, including those children who have additional needs
  • Not allowing your child to go home with anyone other than you, or someone you have previously agreed with us to pick up
  • We deal with any allegations against staff members promptly and robustly, ensuring investigation where appropriate and taking any actions necessary to make children safe in our care

Our settings will also make sure:

  • You are made aware about any accident that your child may have as soon as possible with a full explanation. It helps to let us know if your child has an accident at home too
  • You are offered appropriate support if you are coping with stressful situations at home, in a positive, non-judgmental way
  • They act in accordance with the law and their safeguarding procedures if they believe a child is suffering or at risk of ‘significant harm.’ 
  • They keep the information you share with us confidential. There may be times when the law requires us to share your information with another agency to prevent harm or to protect a child

Further information

Keeping children well

We have a duty to ensure all children attending the setting are healthy and well.

If your child is not well, please keep them at home until they are better. They should be symptom free and no longer contagious. Your child’s setting manager or key person can advise and recommend the best or safest time for them to return.

Healthy eating and physical activity for the Under 5s

We believe that children should receive healthy snacks and well-balanced meals with plenty of opportunities throughout the day to enjoy active play. Childcare providers are important partners with parents to ensure this happens.

In Alliance settings, food options should be available that meet a range of dietary requirements and daily and weekly menus displayed clearly on the website and main noticeboard.  We believe that all children are given a choice about what and how much they would like to eat. They are gently encouraged to try different foods and eat things they like.

In partnership with the Infant and Toddler Forum, Alliance settings participate in the Ten Steps for Health Toddlers programme. It aims to promote best practice amongst practitioners and offers simple, consistent advice on healthy eating and physical activity.

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